Edición Journal of Power Sources – CONAPPICE 2004 –

Volume 1151, 10 October 2005
ISSN 0378-7753
Special Issue: CONAPPICE 2004
Editor: J. Soria
Co-ordinating Editor: P.T. Moseley


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1. Editorial Board

2. Special Issue JPS: CONAPPICE 2004
Page 1
Loreto Daza Bertrand


Fuel Cells – Science and Technology Articles

3. Electrochemical characterisation of Pt/C suspensions for the reduction of oxygen
Pages 2-10
R. Benítez, A.M. Chaparro and L. Daza

4. Bio-ethanol steam reforming: Insights on the mechanism for hydrogen production
Pages 11-17
M. Benito, J.L. Sanz, R. Isabel, R. Padilla, R. Arjona and L. Daza

5. PEMFC electrode preparation: Influence of the solvent composition and evaporation rate on the catalytic layer microstructure
Pages 18-24
R. Fernández, P. Ferreira-Aparicio and L. Daza

6. Symmetrical electrode mode for PEMFC characterisation using impedance spectroscopy
Pages 25-31
A.G. Hombrados, L. González, M.A. Rubio, W. Agila, E. Villanueva, D. Guinea, E. Chinarro, B. Moreno and J.R. Jurado

7. Preferential oxidation of CO in a H2-rich stream over CuO/CeO2 and CuO/(Ce,M)Ox (M = Zr, Tb) catalysts
Pages 32-42
A. Martínez-Arias, A.B. Hungría, M. Fernández-García, J.C. Conesa and G. Munuera

8. Cerium–terbium mixed oxides as potential materials for anodes in solid oxide fuel cells
Pages 43-51
A. Martínez-Arias, A.B. Hungría, M. Fernández-García, A. Iglesias-Juez, J.C. Conesa, G.C. Mather and G. Munuera


Short communications

9. Neutron powder diffraction study of the influence of high oxygen pressure treatments on La2NiO4+δ and structural analysis of La2Ni1−xCuxO4+δ
Pages 52-56
A. Aguadero, M. Pérez, J.A. Alonso and L. Daza

10. Synthesis and characterization of proton-conducting sol–gel membranes produced from 1,4-bis(triethoxysilyl)benzene and (3-glycidoxypropyl)trimethoxysilane
Pages 57-62
M. Aparicio, J. Mosa, F. Sánchez and A. Durán

11. Solvent and acidification method effects in the performance of new sulfonated copolyimides membranes in PEM-fuel cells
Pages 63-68
J. Alberto Blázquez, Juan J. Iruin, Sorkunde Eceolaza, Catherine Marestin, Régis Mercier, David Mecerreyes, Oscar Miguel, Ana Vela and Rebeca Marcilla

12. Assessment of the performance of a PEMFC in the presence of CO
Pages 69-73
S. Jiménez, J. Soler, R.X. Valenzuela and L. Daza

13. Synthesis and electrical properties of new rare-earth titanium perovskites for SOFC anode applications
Pages 74-78
F.J. Lepe, J. Fernández-Urbán, L. Mestres and M.L. Martínez-Sarrión

14. Carbon supports for methanol oxidation catalyst
Pages 79-84
P.V. Samant, C.M. Rangel, M.H. Romero, J.B. Fernandes and J.L. Figueiredo


Fuel Cells – Engineering Articles

15. Properties of zirconia thin layers elaborated by high voltage anodisation in view of SOFC application
Pages 85-92
Xabier Montero, Thierry Pauporté, Armelle Ringuedé, Rose-Noelle Vannier and Michel Cassir

16. Controllability analysis of decentralised linear controllers for polymeric fuel cells
Pages 93-102
Maria Serra, Joaquín Aguado, Xavier Ansede and Jordi Riera


Short communications

17. Evaluation of ferritic steels for use as interconnects and porous metal supports in IT-SOFCs
Pages 103-107
I. Antepara, I. Villarreal, L.M. Rodríguez-Martínez, N. Lecanda, U. Castro and A. Laresgoiti

18. Novel method for preparation of PEMFC electrodes by the electrospray technique
Pages 108-113
R. Benítez, J. Soler and L. Daza

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