Edición Journal of Power Sources – CONAPPICE 2010 –

Volume 196, issue 9, 1 May 2011
ISSN 0378-7753
Special Issue: CONAPPICE 2010
Co-ordinating Editor: P.T. Moseley
1. Editorial Board
Page CO2

2. Preface
Page 4173
Loreto Daza, Antonio M. Chaparro


Fuel Cells: Science and Technology

3. Synthesis of highly ordered three-dimensional nanostructures and the influence of the temperature on their application as solid oxide fuel cells cathodes
Pages 4174-4180
R. Pinedo, I. Ruiz de Larramendi, D. Jimenez de Aberasturi, I. Gil de Muro, J.I. Ruiz de Larramendi, M.I. Arriortua, T. Rojo

4. Evaluation of the R2RuMnO7 pyrochlores as cathodes in solid-oxide fuel cells
Pages 4181-4186
R. Martínez-Coronado, A. Aguadero, C. de la Calle, M.T. Fernández, J.A. Alonso

5. Single cell study of electrodeposited cathodic electrodes based on Pt–WO3 for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Pages 4187-4192
A.J. Martín, A.M. Chaparro, L. Daza

6. Homolytic cleavage C–C bond in the electrooxidation of ethanol and bioethanol
Pages 4193-4199
J. Barroso, A.R. Pierna, T.C. Blanco, E. Morallón, F. Huerta

7. Catalyst layers for proton exchange membrane fuel cells prepared by electrospray deposition on Nafion membrane
Pages 4200-4208
A.M. Chaparro, P. Ferreira-Aparicio, M.A. Folgado, A.J. Martín, L. Daza

8. Study of flow channel geometry using current distribution measurement in a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Pages 4209-4217
Justo Lobato, Pablo Cañizares, Manuel A. Rodrigo, F. Javier Pinar, Diego Úbeda

9. Structural, catalytic/redox and electrical characterization of systems combining Cu–Fe with CeO2 or Ce1−xMxO2−δ (M = Gd or Tb) for direct methane oxidation
Pages 4218-4225
A. Hornés, G. Munuera, A. Fuerte, M.J. Escudero, L. Daza, A. Martínez-Arias

10. Pt and PtRu electrocatalysts supported on carbon xerogels for direct methanol fuel cells
Pages 4226-4235
C. Alegre, L. Calvillo, R. Moliner, J.A. González-Expósito, O. Guillén-Villafuerte, M.V. Martínez Huerta, E. Pastor, M.J. Lázaro

11. Influence of the synthesis method on the properties of Pt catalysts supported on carbon nanocoils for ethanol oxidation
Pages 4236-4241
M.J. Lázaro, V. Celorrio, L. Calvillo, E. Pastor, R. Moliner

12. Physico-chemical study of the degradation of membrane-electrode assemblies in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
Pages 4242-4250
P. Ferreira-Aparicio, B. Gallardo-López, A.M. Chaparro, L. Daza

13. Development and experimental validation of a dynamic thermal and water distribution model of an open cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Pages 4251-4263
Stephan Strahl, Attila Husar, Maria Serra

14. Non-dimensional analysis of PEM fuel cell phenomena by means of AC impedance measurements
Pages 4264-4269
Alfredo Iranzo, Miguel Muñoz, Fco. Javier Pino, Felipe Rosa

15. Study of CO2 stability and electrochemical oxygen activation of mixed conductors with low thermal expansion coefficient based on the TbBaCo3ZnO7+δ system
Pages 4270-4276
Vicente B. Vert, José M. Serra

16. Design and implementation of LQR/LQG strategies for oxygen stoichiometry control in PEM fuel cells based systems
Pages 4277-4282
Ali Niknezhadi, Miguel Allué-Fantova, Cristian Kunusch, Carlos Ocampo-Martínez

17. Influence of CrN-coating thickness on the corrosion resistance behaviour of aluminium-based bipolar plates
Pages 4283-4289
José Barranco, Félix Barreras, Antonio Lozano, Mario Maza

18. Oxygen reduction reaction increased tolerance and fuel cell performance of Pt and RuxSey onto oxide–carbon composites
Pages 4290-4297
Laure Timperman, Aldo S. Gago, Nicolas Alonso-Vante

19. LPV observer design for PEM fuel cell system: Application to fault detection
Pages 4298-4305
S. de Lira, V. Puig, J. Quevedo, A. Husar

20. Scale-up of a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell based on polybenzimidazole
Pages 4306-4313
F. Javier Pinar, Pablo Cañizares, Manuel A. Rodrigo, Diego Úbeda, Justo Lobato

21. Ammonium based ionic liquids immobilized in large pore zeolites: Encapsulation procedures and proton conduction performance
Pages 4314-4323
A. Eguizábal, J. Lemus, M. Urbiztondo, A.M. Moschovi, S. Ntais, J. Soler, M.P. Pina

22. Effect of cobalt incorporation in copper-ceria based anodes for hydrocarbon utilisation in Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Pages 4324-4331
A. Fuerte, R.X. Valenzuela, M.J. Escudero, L. Daza

23. Optimization of La0.6Ca0.4Fe0.8Ni0.2O3–Ce0.8Sm0.2O2 composite cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Pages 4332-4336
N. Ortiz-Vitoriano, I. Ruiz de Larramendi, J.I. Ruiz de Larramendi, M.I. Arriortua, T. Rojo

24. Ethanol and CO electro-oxidation with amorphous alloys as electrodes
Pages 4337-4341
T.C. Blanco, A.R. Pierna, J. Barroso

25. Deuteration properties of CaNi5−xCux system
Pages 4342-4346
M. Retuerto, J. Sánchez-Benítez, J.A. Alonso, F. Leardini, J.R. Ares, J.F. Fernández, C. Sánchez


Fuel Cells: Engineering

26. A comparison between molten carbonate fuel cells based hybrid systems using air and supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycles with state of the art technology
Pages 4347-4354
D. Sánchez, J.M. Muñoz de Escalona, R. Chacartegui, A. Muñoz, T. Sánchez


Fuel Cells: Applications

27. Preliminary analysis of compound systems based on high temperature fuel cell, gas turbine and Organic Rankine Cycle
Pages 4355-4363
D. Sánchez, J.M. Muñoz de Escalona, B. Monje, R. Chacartegui, T. Sánchez


Fuel Cells: Fuel Processing

28. Influence of calcination temperature and atmosphere preparation parameters on CO-PROX activity of catalysts based on CeO2/CuO inverse configurations
Pages 4364-4369
Antonio López Cámara, Anna Kubacka, Zoltán Schay, Zs. Koppány, Arturo Martínez-Arias

29. Hydrogen production with CO2 capture by coupling steam reforming of methane and chemical-looping combustion: Use of an iron-based waste product as oxygen carrier burning a PSA tail gas
Pages 4370-4381
María Ortiz, Pilar Gayán, Luis F. de Diego, Francisco García-Labiano, Alberto Abad, Miguel A. Pans, Juan Adánez

30. CuO/CeO2 supported on Zr doped SBA-15 as catalysts for preferential CO oxidation (CO-PROX)
Pages 4382-4387
Álvaro Reyes-Carmona, Ana Arango-Díaz, Elisa Moretti, Aldo Talon, Loretta Storaro, Maurizio Lenarda, Antonio Jiménez-López, Enrique Rodríguez-Castellón

31. Optimized hydrogen generation in a semicontinuous sodium borohydride hydrolysis reactor for a 60 W-scale fuel cell stack
Pages 4388-4395
G.M. Arzac, A. Fernández, A. Justo, B. Sarmiento, M.A. Jiménez, M.M. Jiménez

32. Electrochemical characterisation of solid oxide cell electrodes for hydrogen production
Pages 4396-4403
Carlos Bernuy-Lopez, Ruth Knibbe, Zeming He, Xiaojian Mao, Anne Hauch, Karsten A. Nielsen

33. Biogas reforming on La-promoted NiMgAl catalysts derived from hydrotalcite-like precursors
Pages 4404-4410
A. Serrano-Lotina, L. Rodríguez, G. Muñoz, L. Daza

34. Controllability study of an ethanol steam reforming process for hydrogen production
Pages 4411-4417
Vanesa M. García, Maria Serra, Jordi Llorca


Other Electrochemical Power Sources: Aplications

35. Influence of wind turbine power curve and electrolyzer operating temperature on hydrogen production in wind–hydrogen systems
Pages 4418-4426
Fco. Javier Pino, Luis Valverde, Felipe Rosa

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