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Korea will bet on electric cars with 600 km of autonomy and ultra-fast recharge

The government of South Korea has made public a strategy for the year 2022 to promote the domestic electric vehicle industry. The plans of Korea contemplate to take the electric car to travel, of generalized form, 600 kilometers by load in next the four years. Hydrogen-powered vehicles also play a part in Korea's industrial plans, which aim to make them more durable and cheaper.

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Prague will have its first hydrogen station as fuel

Hydrogen is becoming an increasingly relevant alternative in the propulsion of vehicles. In Prague, the first hydrogen station in the countries of the Visegrd Group should be built.

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Will hydrogen-powered cars gradually become mainstream in Europe?

An EU initiative will deploy hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in three European capitals as taxis, private-hire and police cars. The move will accelerate their commercialisation and help realise emissions-free transport.

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Tha last edition of the Electronic Information Service is available on the web.

Will the use of hydrogen-powered cars spread across Europe?
Steeling from fossil fuels: Austrians to power steel industry entirely on clean hydrogen!
Prague will have its first hydrogen station as fuel.
Korea will bet on electric cars with 600 km of autonomy and ultra-fast recharge.
Did you know that Enagas requests your adhesion to the Board of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation?

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Building trust in fuel cell hydrogen safety

Dr Lourdes F. Vega, project coordinator of H2TRUST, explains how the project will support the transition to the commercialisation of FCH applications. Can fuel cell hydrogen technology be considered as mature? Is it safe enough for regular use in cars, fuelling stations, combined heat and power generation and other applications? Those are the two major questions the H2TRUST project is trying to answer, to prepare the ground for large-scale commercialisation.

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Will hydrogen cars be the future of the automotive industry?

Present in the oceans and the stars, it is the most abundant element of our planet and of the entire universe. Paradoxical as it may be, the limited availability of pure hydrogen in the gaseous state has been the main obstacle for the development of cells capable of mobilizing vehicles.

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Did you know that we have the tools and knowledge to make all the energy clean?

Mara Escudero Escribano Qumica Cacerea, Princess of Girona Award. He has just received the Princess of Girona award for his work to make hydrogen a viable energy in the transport world. Its aspiration is that the planet is energetically sustainable, a challenge that it considers achievable.

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New record of hydrogen produced by direct solar division of water

An international team of researchers has managed to increase the efficiency of producing hydrogen from the direct solar division of water, up to a record level of 19 percent. They did this by combining a tandem solar battery of III-V semiconductors with a rhodium nanoparticle catalyst and a coating of crystalline titanium dioxide. Teams from the California Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge, the Technische Universitt Ilmenau and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE participated in the development work.

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Efficient solar hydrogen generation in microgravity environment

Our atmosphere on earth is sustained by the photodissociation of water, a fundamental process used by nature in oxygenic photosynthesis to convert solar energy into storable, chemical energy. It relies on the so-called Z-scheme, where photons of different energy are absorbed in a staggered energy-level system.

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Hydrogen bicycles for individual mobility

The hydrogen bicycle is a very valid alternative for individual transport in the city. Alpha has not yet arrived in Spain, but it is already used in the south of France. Pragma Industries gives a fundamental role to individual mobility in cities. For this reason he has created Alpha, a bicycle that runs on hydrogen, charges in just two minutes and allows an autonomy of 100km.

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In Germany the first hydrogen train in the world will start to circulate: it only emits "water vapor"

The 'Coradia iLint', the hydrogen train developed by the company Alstom, obtained the homologation of the German Railway Authority and plans to begin providing passenger service in September. Info BLANCO SOBRE NEGRO consulted the railroad engineer Ramn Galache, specialist in railways on this world novelty and the horizon of local development.

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