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Toyota announces that it will launch 10 electric cars in three years

Toyota Motor is facing a situation of "now or never" regarding the boom that the electric car is experiencing: according to Autonews, the Japanese company would have decided to bet on the electric vehicle with the launch of 10 new electric cars at the level;2017-12-26

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Honda has patented a hydrogen motorcycle, and there are reasons for it to be the fuel of the future

Patenting ideas right and left is a fairly common tactic among brands. It may be that many of the registered proposals do not end up seeing the light, but in case of taking the projects forward so they have their idea protected so that nobody steals it.

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Japan powers fuel cell cars with more than 80 new hydrogen facilities

The major manufacturers of the Japanese car industry are joining together to create a new infrastructure network for hydrogen fuel cell cars. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and eight other companies are preparing the construction of this network of hydrogeneration service stations throughout the Japanese territory.

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The Movalt Plan grants for alternative vehicles run out in just 24 hours

In just 24 hours the funds of the Alternative Mobility Support Plan (Movalt) have been exhausted. There is nothing left of the 20 million item allocated to the purchase of vehicles fueled by alternative fuels. This has been confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to the Efe agency.

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The prices of batteries for electric cars will stabilize in 2020, says Hyundai

"Until now, battery prices have been declining at a rapid pace, but that pace will be significantly moderated or maintained by 2020." These are the words of Hyundai's senior vice president, Lee Ki-sang, who has explained his vision of one of the factors that most affects the price of hybrid and electric cars: the price of batteries.;2017-12-21

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Thor Trucks presents its own electric truck, the ET-One that will compete with the Tesla truck.

Elon Musk is possibly one of the greatest geniuses of this century and we are fortunate to enjoy his madness, which ends up becoming real genius. The last great presentation was the Tesla Truck, a completely electric truck that wants to be the first step of a revolution in the transport of goods by road. They have received hundreds of orders for these roads, but competition has come, also electric. Thor Trucks has presented the ET-One, a quite unknown company in Los Angeles, but that is hitting hard and we will see if it is able to compete with the Tesla truck.

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Engines of Honda Civic Type R and Clarity Fuel Cell among the top 10

Setting standards in vehicles from high-performance to zero-emission long-haul, Honda was honored with two 2018 Wards 10 Best Engines for the 2.0-liter turbocharged Civic Type R and fuel cell engines of the Clarity Fuel Cell. The models were recognized for their characteristics of power, torque, technology, observed fuel economy, relative competitiveness and noise. Having two advanced engines named among the 10 Best Motors of Wards, it demonstrates Honda's engineering ability to meet the needs and lifestyles of diverse ranges of customers.

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Hyundai and Kia announce 38 new releases of electric vehicles

Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia plan to bring 38 new electrified vehicles to market in the next eight years. According to company vice president Lee Ki-sang, seven completely new releases will arrive in the next five years, mostly electric batteries. While today Hyundai only has the Ioniq and Kia the Soul, both brands also offer hybrid plug-in versions of their current models.

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Conference on the benefit of hydrogen in health

The health in the aging is the subject of a presentation that will take place in the street Christ of the Miracles of the Salamanca capital from the 19:15 hours. This receives the name of 'Hydrogen. Anti-aging and Health. Paradigm shift 'and is carried out by the ICAI engineer, Rafael Saiz.

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UPM and Gas Natural Fenosa join forces to improve the electricity and gas network in Spain

"The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and Gas Natural Fenosa have signed an agreement to launch two research projects within the UP4 Solutions Gas Natural Fenosa Program.

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Hydrogen vehicles seek oxygen

The UP4 Solutions Program is a joint initiative of the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia and Cartagena whereby the aforementioned institutions of higher education provide innovative projects to companies with which they have signed agreements to solve technological challenges proposed by the entities private. ";2017-12-18

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Hyundai Motor will significantly strengthen its range of electric vehicles by 2025

Hyundai Motor Group has said, on Wednesday, that it will substantially strengthen its range of pure electric vehicles (VE) over the next eight years, in line with the latest momentum of car manufacturers at the international level. world to go towards this type of models.

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easyJet and electric aircraft pioneer, Wright Electric, outline electric future of aviation

easyJet, Europes leading airline, today outlined a strategy to progressively decarbonise and reduce noise from aviation operations.

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Honda, Nissan and Toyota: together for hydrogen

Japan advances towards the vanguard of the ecological car with a new proposal that aims to build a network of hydrogen charging stations for automobiles. A total of eleven Japanese companies, led by Nissan, Honda and Toyota, have allied to develop and promote the project.

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Toyota will build a hydrogen generation station with agricultural waste

The Japanese automobile Toyota will build in the Californian Port of Long Beach (United States) the first megawatt scale generation plant for fuel cell vehicles, with a hydrogenera to support its operations.

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Deutsche Post to test fuel cell delivery vans

German magazine Der Spigel reported and citing executive board member Juergen Gerdes, that the logistics group plans to test delivery vans equipped with fuel-cell drives, German magazine Der Spiegel reported, citing executive board member Juergen Gerdes.

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