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Designed a new system fed by hydrogen to generate heat and electricity in homes

Researchers from the CEU Cardenal Herrera Universities in Valencia, Zaragoza, the Basque Country, the Polytechnic of Catalonia and the CSIC are working on the development of a new energy cogeneration system adapted to households to meet the domestic needs of electricity and heating, The Valencian academic institution said in a statement.

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Hydrogen, champion of the future against climate change

United Kingdom studies the possibility of replacing traditional fuels in all households, due to their low toxicity.
Hydrogen could be the fuel of the future. Thanks to its characteristics, the British government has chosen this gas to try to take a step forward in its fight against climate change. The executive of Theresa May has launched a project to study the possibility of introducing hydrogen as a fuel in all households in the UK.

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FuelCon provides globally latest test station for fuel cell systems

The development of alternative propulsion technologies for vehicles is a recurrent topic for many years. Besides the advanced market entrance of battery-powered electro mobiles, the integration of fuel cell systems as a propulsion technology also takes on greater significance. From now on, due to FuelCon test equipment, the development of new systems can happen even better and more efficient.

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Toyota Opens Portal to Study Feasibility of Using Fuel Cell Technology in Heavy-Duty Truck Applications

Today Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA) revealed Project Portal - a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy duty truck use at the Port of Los Angeles. Announced at a press conference with Port officials and representatives from California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Energy Commission (CEC), the zero-emission truck proof of concept will take part in a feasibility study examining the potential of fuel cell technology in heavy duty applications. The study will begin this summer and contribute to the Ports Clean Air Action Plan, which has dramatically reduced harmful emissions from operations at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles since 2005.

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Air Liquide, partner of Energy Observer, the first energy self-sufficient vessel powered by hydrogen

Air Liquide announces its partnership with Energy Observer, a project that involves the worlds first seagoing vessel powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, energy self-sufficient and with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions. Officially launched today in Saint-Malo (Britanny), this experimental catamaran will make the first-ever trip around the world powered solely by renewable energies in order to test these technologies under extreme conditions so they can be rolled out on a larger scale, at sea and on land, for mobile and stationary purposes.

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EMS Develops New Hydrogen Storage System

500 bar stationary solution for Hydrogen Fuelling Stations to store more than 1000 kg of Hydrogen.
EMS starts the development of a new Hydrogen Storage System. The EMS storage solution will be designed to store more than 1000 kg of Hydrogen (H2) at a nominal working pressure of 500 bar. The system contains high-strength lightweight composite (CFRP) pressure vessels (type 4) which will be embedded in standard containers to serve at H2 fuelling stations. With the new system EMS will add an innovative solution to the emerging H2 infrastructure business.

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Students design and build a Skoda electric buggy, called Element

A total of 22 students have designed and built a Skoda Electric buggy, called Skoda Element, as part of the company's annual initiative for young people to create a new and innovative vehicle. The Czech firm said that since October last year, 22 of the 900 students between the ages of 17 and 18 who come to the Skoda Vocational School, became car designers, which they spent about 1,500 hours of work.

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Call for Abstracts. Deadline 30th June.
IBERCONAPPICE 2017. 17-20 October 2017 Paque Tecnolgico Walqa (Huesca)

On the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Spanish Fuel Cells Association, APPICE organizes IBERCONAPPICE 2017, an avant-garde congress that focuses on new communication technologies to spread the latest research in fuel cells, hydrogen, biofuels, Clean energy generation, industrial developments, strategic programs ...

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Frankfurt and Wiesbaden: New Hydrogen refuelling stations link north and south Germany

Fuel cell electric vehicles welcome: The joint venture H2 Mobility Deutschland and its partners Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde and Shell officially opened two new hydrogen refuelling stations today in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. The German federal state of Hesse now has a total of five H2 filling stations for emission-free fuel cell vehicles. With these new stations, the partners have moved yet another step closer to a nationwide H2 supply network. The new sites are both conveniently located directly on the A661 and A66 motorways at key points of intersection for people driving from north to south through Germany.

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