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The Chinese Inventor Zhan Xiaoling Invented the Low-cost Green Catalyst for Hydrolysis Hydrogen Production

Zhan Xiaoling, a researcher of Institute of Marine Oil and Gas of Hainan Province in China, developed a low-cost green catalyst technology of hydrolysis hydrogen production after 16 years exploration and study. The process of the hydrolysis hydrogen production doesnt need light, heat or electricity. Hydrogen produced by the way of injecting water into hydrolytic agent with the influence of the catalyst. The catalyst promotes the reaction of hydrolytic agent and water and breaks down water, to take oxygen away and release hydrogen

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A cleaner, more efficient car? FSU professor designs new material to better store hydrogen fuel

A Florida State University researcher has designed new materials that could be used to store hydrogen fuel more efficiently in vehicles or other devices that use clean energy.

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Next Generation 2019 Lexus to be Hydrogen Fuel Cell Driven

Lexus recently revealed that its 2019 model will offer a hydrogen fuel cell powered powertrain.

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National Grid HyDeploy Consortium wins 7m Ofgem Funding for UK Power-to-Gas

ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that, as part of the HyDeploy consortium, it will be supplying a 0.5MW electrolyser to a programme to demonstrate the use of blended hydrogen in the UK gas grid. The 6.8 million project, funded by Ofgem and led by National Grid, is a key enabling project which will establish a framework for hydrogen gas-grid injection in the UK and open up a new UK Power-to-Gas market.

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City of Bordeaux Embarks on Project to Use Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bikes

The City of Bordeaux will soon be providing a hydrogen fuel cell fueling station which will be located at Newton Begles near the Bordeaux train station. The plan also calls for a fleet of ten fuel cell bikes.

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Ceres Powers SteelCell Technology Makes Major Advancements

Ceres Power Holdings plc (AIM: CWR) is pleased to announce that the latest iteration of the SteelCell platform (version 4) has been released to customers on time and on budget, reinforcing the Companys reputation for successfully executing against its technology roadmap. Higher power density and start-up timescales compatible with vehicle applications have been proven, making the platform increasingly commercially attractive in a growing number of markets.

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Pipistrel forms electric airplane deal with China. Hydrogen fuel cells to be developed with proceeds

On 24. September 2016, a Slovenian company Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina and Chinese company Sino GA Group Co. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a long-term joint-venture cooperation in the field of light and general aviation in the regions of China, East Asian countries and Asian pacific.

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H2 Refuel Competition Makes Progress

With fuel cell cars hitting the roads now, the need for places to fuel them is becoming a critical challenge. Thats why, in addition to supporting hydrogen station technology R&D, the Energy Department launched the H2 Refuel H-Prize in October 2014. This competition challenges American innovators to develop small-scale hydrogen generation and refueling systems. These systems could support the growing retail infrastructure by providing ways to fuel hydrogen vehicles at peoples homes, community centers, or businesses.

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The road to green hydrogen runs through mazes in algal proteins

Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity, we are increasingly thinking about hydrogen as the successor of crude oil. But where will the hydrogen come from? Its ecologically cleanest source could be industrial - or even domestic! - bioreactors with green algae. Their future construction will be possible thanks to an international team of researchers, who have for the first time precisely described the chemical reactions responsible for the stability of hydrogen generation in an aerobic environment by algal enzymes.

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Safe new storage method could be key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles

Hydrogen is often described as the fuel of the future, particularly when applied to hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. One of the main obstacles facing this technology a potential solution to future sustainable transport has been the lack of a lightweight, safe on-board hydrogen storage material.

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Historic Victory for the Hydrogen Toyota Mirai at the e-Rally Monte-Carlo

s the first hydrogen powered car to participate in such an event, the Toyota France Mirai assigned to Artur Prusak and Thierry Benchetrit stood out over a course of more than 1,000 km.

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China Hydrogen Signs Agreement with Impact Coatings for Fuel Cell Production

Impact Coatings has signed an agreement with China Hydrogen Energy to be strategic partner and deliver coating technology for high volume production. The agreement includes both coating equipment and consumables to an approximate value of 10 million over the first three years.

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Researchers develop new source of producing hydrogen from fescue grass

A team of UK researchers, including experts from Cardiff Universitys Cardiff Catalysis Institute, have shown that significant amounts of hydrogen can be unlocked from fescue grass with the help of sunlight and a cheap catalyst.

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